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Sun Jan 15 12:41:37 MST 2006

Response to our Pike Clinics has been a huge success.  Our January 21st trip
is now fully subscribed.  However, due to schedule conflicts and a family
obligation, three slots have opened up and are now available for the February
11th trip.  If you are interested, please send me an email as soon as possible
to reserve your spot and send a check in the amount of $100 made out to
Truchas Chapter, P.O. Box 31671, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87594-1671.
A detailed email about suggested equipment, clothing and other details will be
out the first of next week.  For more information, please go to our website and click on the Member News link.

We want to also let you know about a stocking event on the Rio Grande where
volunteers are needed.  Last year 183,000 brown trout fry were stocked from
the US Fish and Wildlife's Saratoga, Wyoming fish hatcher.  The eggs are then
hatched in the Rio River hatchery here in New Mexico.  The same event is
planned this year for January 24th and 25th.  The plan is to meet at 10 am on
January 24th at the La Junta pavilion outside of Questa (south of Cerro).  For
the 25th meet at the Red River Hatcher at 10 am.  If you are interested in
participating or would like more information please contact Eric Frey, NE Area
Fisheries Manager of the NM Department of Game and Fish at 505-445-2311.  You
can also contact High Desert Angler for additional information at 505-988-7688. 

Thank you again for all your support.
All the best,
Truchas TU and Robert O'Connor

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