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Tue Aug 23 06:59:40 MDT 2005

To:  Truchas TU Members
From:  Arnold Atkins, Truchas Chapter Membership Committee
Re:  Educational material regarding native trout conservation and restoration
Dear Chapter Members:
As you know, the chapter is involved with native trout (primarily Rio Grande
Cutthroat) conservation and restoration, and we are working with a number of
organizations and agencies to achieve this goal.  We believe that public
education will help us in our efforts.  The Santa Fe National Forest has a
program and material designed for this purpose, and it has been used in the
school setting as well as various public conservation venues.  This material
includes a board game which focuses on the factors affecting the life cycle of
the Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout, our state fish, and a Spanish version is
available.  The Santa Fe National Forest has plans to develop additional
activities to use in conjunction with this board game.  We would like to
extend the exposure for this material, and would like to ask for your help.
For example, if any of you are educators, particularly at the grade 6-12
level, and might be able to bring this material into your classroom for a day
or more, that might be very helpful, and either the Forest Service or Truchas
Chapter might be able to provide personnel to present or assist with
presenting the material.  Other possibilities might be service clubs, youth
groups (Boy or Girl Scouts, Churches, others), or community programs related
to various conservation events such as Earth Day.  If any of this sounds like
something you might be able to use, or if you would just like more
information, please contact me and I can pass the information along, or you
may contact Kimberly Kelly of the Forest Service directly at kakelly@  Kimberly may also be reached at (505) 834-0222.  Thanks for your help.
Arnold R. Atkins
oldrzif at

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