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AUGUST 19-21, 2005

Come to the majestic and enchanting Valle Vidal for a great Outdoor Adventure
and exciting three day weekend and show your support to protect “New Mexico’s
Yellowstone”. Join the Governor of New Mexico, the Former President of the New
Mexico Oil & Gas Association, the Mayor of Springer and other prominent
speakers who are opposed to drilling in the Valle Vidal and want our Valle
Vidal permanently protected. Have a fun filled weekend - hiking, fishing,
horseback riding, wildlife viewing and restoring critical riparian and wetland

The Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest - 100,000 acres, is a
recreational paradise - filled with breathtaking landscapes, teaming wildlife,
lush grassy meadows, sparkling streams set in a backdrop of a lush green
conifer forest. This majestic landscape starts at an elevation of around 7,800
feet and terminates at 12,544 feet - the summit of Little Costilla Peak, New
Mexico’s third highest mountain. For more information action to take and and
pictures of the Valle Vidal go to the following web sites:
<> and

Community Forums & Rally:

Friday August 19th from 4-6 p.m.
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, as well as Gary Fonay, past president of
the New Mexico Oil & Gas Association, William Schudlich, Chairman of the New
Mexico Council of Trout Unlimited and others will speak on behalf of
protecting the Valle Vidal. Please come and show your support for the Valle
Vidal - attend this event and other fun filled activities. Food and drinks
will be provided for participants on Friday evening. Detailed information on
events and activities can be obtained before and after this forum.

Saturday, August 20th from 5-7:30 pm
This second community forum will have speakers who talk about the history,
wildlife & habitat management, proposed management plan and impacts of oil &
gas development (coalbed methane).   After this event the Albuquerque Wildlife
Federation will host a potluck evening meal - providing hamburgers, brats and
drinks - all who attend are expected to bring a side dish that can serve 20
people or more. For those who can’t bring a side dish a donation of $10.00 per
person is suggested.

DAY EVENTS: Friday - Sunday, August 20 - 22, 2005 8:00am to 4:00pm

FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2005 - 8:00 am to 4:00pm
1)      All activities on your own. Information and Maps will be sent to you
for places to hike, trail ride and fish, etc.  Remember, the first forum
starts at 4:00 pm. Contact Oscar Simpson at 505-345-0117 or e-mail:
oscarsimpson3 at <mailto:oscarsimpson3 at>

SATURDAY and SUNDAY, AUGUST 20 & 21, 2005 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
1)      Conservation Work Projects - restoring critical riparian and wetland
Areas on the east and west side of the Valle Vidal.
9:00am to 4:00pm. Please RSVP by Thursday, August 17th. Contacts:
Glenda Muirhead 505-281-2925, E-Mail: gmuirhead1 at
<mailto:gmuirhead1 at>
Jeremy Vesbach 505-264-5500, E-mail: jvesbach at
<mailto:jvesbach at>
Information can be picked up at Friday evening’s forum.

These events are sponsored by the Albuquerque Wildlife Federation

2)      Trail Rides - Trail rides in the eastern and western portions of the
Valle Vidal. Recommend that you obtain the Forest Service map - Valle Vidal
Unit, Carson National Forest. This trail ride is for persons who have their
own horse and riding gear. Starting location - McCrystal Campground, north end
8:00am. The Valle Vidal is rated as one of the top places in the nation to
trail ride. Trail riders from all over the country come to ride in the
majestic landscapes and view its abundant wildlife. Trail rides are easy to
moderate. Contact Oscar Simpson at 505-345-0117 or e-mail:
oscarsimpson3 at <mailto:oscarsimpson3 at> for info. Information
will also be available at Friday’s and Saturday’s forums.

3)      Day Hikes - Information and maps of areas or trails to hike in the
Valle Vidal can be obtained at Friday’s forum or by contacting Oscar Simpson
at 505-345-0117, E-mail: oscarsimpson3 at
<mailto:oscarsimpson3 at>  Recommend that you obtain the Forest Service
map - Valle Vidal Unit, Carson National Forest as a base map for your hiking
There may be Guided hikes -details still being worked on.

4)      Fishing - Fish the Shuree Ponds located in the central portion of the
Valle Vidal for trophy rainbow trout. On the west side of the Valle Vidal, the
Rio Costilla & Comanche Creeks offer excellent fishing for Rio Grand
Cutthroat, German Brown and Rainbow Trout. Fishing report:  - huge Rio Grande
Cutbows, up to 20 inches, are in the upper reaches of the Rio Costilla.
Fishing is very good for trophy size rainbow trout in the Shuree ponds - 16 to
20 inches.  Note: There are specific fishing regulations and restrictions that
apply to the Valle Vidal. Please review all the applicable regulations. Refer
to the NM Game & Fish Rules & Regulations which can be obtained at numerous
recreation stores across the state or at
<> .

5)      Wildlife Viewing and Photography - The Valle Vial over has 60 species
of mammals, 200 species of birds, 33 species of reptiles and amphibians and 15
species of fish. It contains one of the highest concentrations of elk on
public land in New Mexico. The best viewing opportunity for big game animals
especially elk, are at daybreak and late evening. At this time of the year you
can view large herds of elk (300 to 500 per herd) on the west side, southern
portions of the Valle Vidal or the head waters of Vidal and Comanche Creeks. A
good pair of binoculars is highly recommended. View opportunities are also
good for turkey, bear, deer, and an occasional buffalo (southern half of the
east side).

6)      Mountain biking - The Valle Vidal has great mountain biking
opportunities on existing trails and or on old logging roads that are closed
to motorized vehicles. Contact Oscar Simpson at 505-345-0117 or E-mail:
oscarsimpson3 at <mailto:oscarsimpson3 at> for details.

7)      Vehicle Touring - Viewing the majestic landscapes of the Valle Vidal
by vehicle is excellent. Access, travel and viewing along the main Forest
Service Road 1950 is excellent on this all season graveled road that starts at
an elevation on the east side at 7800 feet and departs on the west side at
9000 feet. This is the only road to access the Valle Vidal. Entrance from the
west side of the Valle Vidal starts at the town of Costilla near the Colorado
border. It is approximately 20 miles via highway 196 to the West side of the
Valle Vial. To enter the Valle Vidal from the east, the turn off to Forest
Road 1950 is 4.5 miles north of Cimarron, New Mexico off HWY 64. It is
approximately 23 miles from HWY 64 to the east side of the Valle Vidal.
Recommend that you obtain the Forest Service map - Valle Vidal Unit, Carson
National Forest as a base map for your touring adventures. For additional
details and other vehicle touring routes contact Oscar Simpson at
505-345-0117,E-mail: oscarsimpson3 at <mailto:oscarsimpson3 at>

Forum and Camp site Location:
The Valle Vidal lies northeast of Taos and northwest of Cimarron and is
approximately 15 miles south of the Colorado - New Mexico border.  Nights can
be cool (High 30 degree range), rain is always a possibility, so pack
accordingly and bring your own sleeping accommodations. The campsite is
approximately a 4.5 hour drive from Albuquerque, 1.5 hours from Cimarron and
2.5 hours from Taos.

Take Hwy 522 north 20 miles from Questa to Costilla.  Turn right on Hwy 196.
It is approximately 20 miles to the Valle Vidal.  To get to McCrystal
Campground, from the Valle Vidal border, drive 2 miles to Comanche Point. 
Turn right on to the FS road and it is approximately another 20 miles to
McCrystal CG.

Get off I-25 at exit 419- 5 miles north of Springer, NM. Go west on Highway 58
to Cimarron NM (19 miles), as you approach the east end of Cimarron at the
intersection of highways 58 & 64, take Highway 64 and go North toward Raton
NM, go approximately 4 miles on Highway 64, look for small GREEN sign on the
right hand side of the road (Valle Vidal), turn LEFT and go west on the dirt
road (FS 1950) to the camp site and or McCrystal campground approximately 30
miles. This road is a good dirt road but can be rough and bumpy - dependent on
weather conditions (rain). Watch out for heavy truck traffic (oil & gas) for
the first 21 miles.

The group campsite and forum events is 1/4 mile east of McCrystal Campground
just south of Forest Road 1950. Look for black-on-yellow “VV Event” signs to
guide you to the camp location. From the east edge of the Valle Vial, it is
about 8 miles along FS road 1950 to the turn off to the Camp site and forum
events. From the junction of HWY 64 and FS road 1950 it is about 23 miles to
the east edge of the Valle Vidal. The only sign at this intersection (64 &
1950) is a small green sign on HWY 64 that reads Valle Vidal. FS Road 1950 is
not listed on this or any other sign. Make sure you have good tires and as a
precaution we suggest you carry several bottles of fix-a-flat and a flat tire
repair kit (plug type), incase you have a flat - it’s a long way in and out of
the Valle Vidal. This camp site is primitive, portable out houses will be
available and a limited supply of fresh potable water will be available. To
make sure we don’t run out of water, bring at least 5 gallons or more per
vehicle. Cell phone use or reception is limited to a look out point on the
side of the mountain - 5 miles west of the camp site.

The two public Forums and the evening meals (Friday and Saturday night) will
be held in a tent - capacity limited to 100 people. You need to provide your
own food for meals other than Friday and Saturday nights. Remember Saturday
night is pot-luck night, bring a side dish that will supply 20 people. This
camp site is suitable for truck/camper, truck-horse trailer and tent camping.
Large motor homes or 5th wheel rigs may have a hard time accessing this site.
We suggest that you use the McCrystal Campground for easer access and camping
if this fits your case. McCrystal Campground does not have potable drinking
water but has water for horses.

For further information and details contact Oscar Simpson at 505-345-0117 or
505-259-5766 cell
E-mail: oscarsimpson3 at <mailto:oscarsimpson3 at>

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