From Truchas TU Volunteers needed for Comanche Creek

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Tue Aug 30 09:23:25 MDT 2005

Truchas TU is looking for volunteers to work on building elk and cattle
exclosures and some stream erosion control vanes on Saturday, September 17th.
 This work will be done in conjunction with staff and volunteers from the
Carson National Forest, New Mexico Trout and the Valle Vidal Coalition.  There
will be free camping at Shuree Lodge on Friday and Saturday nights.  Sunday is
a fishing day.  Please respond to me by email if you are planning on going to
the Valle Vidal.  Truchas TU will provide lunch on Saturday for the volunteers
and we need a head count ASAP to purchase sufficient food. 

Please email Arnold Atkins at oldrzif at if you can attend.

If you need additional information email either Arnold or David Gratson
(tubase at, phone 505-662-0707 X29).

Here are the directions to Comanche Creek and Shuree Lodge:
Comanche Creek is in the Valle Vidal of the Carson National Forest.  From
Taos, travel North on Highway 522.  Costilla is approximately 40 miles from
Taos.  Set your odometer.  In Costilla, turn right (East) on Highway 196 at the
Gas station.  Go through Amalia, New Mexico (5 miles from Costilla).
The Valle Vidal is 11 miles from Amalia. The road becomes improved dirt at
10.5 miles from Costilla.  At 18.1 miles, turn right.  At 26.0 miles take
the left fork of the road and continue on to Shuree Ponds/Lodge.  Turn
right into Shuree Lodge at 28.2 miles.  Estimated time from Costilla to
Shuree Lodge is about 45-60 minutes.  From Albuquerque to Shuree Lodge,
it's about a 4 1/2 hour trip.

Thank you!!

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