[Oxford63] K-O Bulletin: Deadline 8/15/03

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Sue- Thanx so much for the reminder that I should send some news even though
I haven't been able to materialize  my deep thoughts about the reunion into
words. It is frustrating to know that I would like to sit down with any and
every member of the class and visit and  that the couple of minutes I had to
share with the people I did talk with at the reunion was rewarding and
stimulating. I felt cheated that I didn't get to talk with everyone or have
a longer time those I did, but it is wonderful to have the feeling of
closeness that if the opportunity arises to get together with anyone from
the class, I'm going to put the extra effort into making it happen.
   The summer has been full- My 17 year old son Jamie has been home from his
boarding school in Maine (Gould Academy) where he will be a junior this
fall. It has been wonderful having him home. He has been working as a summer
day camp counselor and loves it.  He and I did a quick overnight camping
trip in July together with the two dogs and had a blast and got totally
exhausted (dogs included). We left at 9PM to start hiking (you can do that
in the summer in Alaska) set up the tent in the twilight at 1230 AM  and
slept until 9AM, then we hid our packs, took some snacks and hiked up into
the mountains following sheep, marmots, and exploring waterfalls in the back
country starting actually only about 10 minute's drive from our house.  This
was our shake down trip to check out our equipment for our five day trip
hiking the Chilkoot Trail, which is the old goldrush trail up and over the
"golden stairs" from Alaska into Canada where the gold miners had to bring
2000 lbs of food and supplies if they were to be allowed to enter Canada to
look for gold. Even in 1898 Canada did not want to have to take care of the
ill-prepared. It was a challenge for us with our internal frame back packs,
comfortable hiking boots, fancy light tents and sleeping bags, and gortex
rain suits and 40 lb packs. I have a hard time imagining the ladies in their
tight high heeled shoes and long skirts surviving the 35 mile trip let alone
the scramble up the golden stairs and over the boulder fields and ice fields
carrying their belongings in their arms- (backpacks weren't invented till
many years later.)  The scenery was spectacular, the flowers everywhere,
crystal lakes, hanging glaciers, echoing cliffs along the lakes and gorges,
and very few mosquitoes and no problems with the bears.
    I am taking a couple of weeks away from my practice to go back east with
Jamie, visiting the step children in Atlanta and up to our little place on
Molasses Pond in Maine before dropping Jamie off at school in early
September.  My practice is busy, mostly breast cancer, a field which I find
constantly challenging and rewarding. A few months ago my office was running
smoothly with two secretaries until one secretary got pregnant with triplets
and the other one quit. I'm trying to figure out how to get to a meeting in
Chicago so I can see Courtney but the office situation is threatening to
keep me home.
   All of this can boil down to two lines for the bulletin, but it is fun to
have the modality to share some of the color in my life with my class mates.
Cheers to all and thanx Sue for offering to put our news together for the
bulletin.      Judy

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Subject: [Oxford63] K-O Bulletin: Deadline 8/15/03

Hello all - 

We have been quiet of late . . . summer is a time of too much to do in too
little time! 
Plus the weather in the NE has not been condicive to do much of anything.

Would like to submit something for our class by 8/15 for the Fall Bulletin -
should have written this earlier, but have been incredibly busy and my
computer decided it did not want to communicate! If not one thing, 'tis

Do send new news since our incredible reunion. Have saved all the pics from
Lelly and Anne, so I hope that something is printed.

Take a moment, collect your thoughts and send the news!

Thanks to you all, one totally incroyable class, the Class of '63 -

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