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David Gratson gratz11 at
Fri May 4 06:59:44 MDT 2007

Below are some additional volunteering events, in addition to those we sent
last week:

*Pecos** River** Cleanup*: June 2nd.  More details to come, contact David
Gratson (gratz11 at or Doug Jeffords (DCJeffords at with

*Electroshocking on Comanche Creek*:  In preparation for the re-introduction
of Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout there are several electroshocking events

   - May 14-18
   - July 23-27
   - July 30-August 3

For each trip we need 5-6 individuals to help out with netting fish.  If you
have any questions contact Kirk Patten, Fisheries Biologist with the NM
Dept. of Game and Fish, 505-476-8058.

There will also be two electroshocking events in the Valles Caldera this
year, expected to be in mid July and mid August.  This work is associated
with an Embrace-a-Stream Grant that Truchas TU put together with a graduate
student at NMSU.  We need 2 volunteers, for questions or interest please
contact David Gratson (gratz11 at  For more details on
Embrace-a-Stream through TU National follow this link :

Thank you!
Truchas TU
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