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Tue Mar 7 07:13:50 MST 2006

We would like to thank all those who attended our banquet and/or purchased
grand raffle tickets.  We also want to thank all those who contributed items
for our banquet.  It is through the banquet, and primarily via the grand
raffle, silent auction, and bucket raffles that Truchas Trout Unlimited is
able to raise funds for our conservation, education, and advocacy.  

Here is a partial list of contributors for our banquet.  

Please thank them personally.

Vermejo Park Ranch
Cow Creek Ranch
Mitch and Debbie Bent
ATH Reels - Jeff Bowman
Michael Macklin
Jim Benenson
Kevin Kowalyk
Los Pinos
Donn Duncan
Denny Greer
John Lopez
Ed Schulz
Louis Mostow - 315 Bistrow, The Railyard
Lino Petrucci - Osteria D'Assissi
Ten Thousand Waves
Endeavor Farm
Jeff & Jennifer Croy
Jan Crawford
High Desert Angler
The Reel Life
Pancho Adelo
American Hardware
Hilton of Santa Fe
Las Campanas
and many more who contributed jewelry, fishing vests, candelabra ...

Thank you again.

Truchas TU

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