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Dear Class -

Note that we now have *two* surveys due to the fact that Survey Monkey 
only allows 10 questions per survey on a free basis. Barbara, Bonnie, 
Rena and Sally kindly agreed to beta test the surveys. They found some 
flaws, but I am hesitant to go back and edit for fear of losing the 
answers to date (from five of us).

On the first survey, it asks for number of children and 
grandchildren.Suggest you use the Tab Key to go from one to the next. 
It's some sort of oddity for a question that requires a numeric answer.

Under activities, I evidently put in Yoga twice. Under news sources, I 
put "Atlanta", though I intended "Atlantic" (Monthly).

The surveys are anonymous. We will know the total number of respondents 
for each question and the percentage of responses for each option. I 
will share all of the information once we close the surveys.

So, please answer _*both*_ surveys (a total of 17 questions). Here are 
the links:



**With good participation, it will be fun to learn our interests and 

*** Jane ***

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