[Oxford63] Updates Complete - As Far as They Go

Jane M. Hill jhill at cybermesa.com
Mon Jun 8 15:04:08 MDT 2020

Dear Class,

Thanks for the fun words on Athena and her tracker. Her arrival four 
years ago was instigated by my granddaughter, but I do enjoy life with 

A few of you sent updates for addresses, phone numbers and emails. I 
made the changes to the actual email list, and to the website. If you 
sent in a change, I'd encourage you to make sure it's right on the 
website. I did copy and paste, but you never know. Here are the links again:

             Email Addresses 
             Snail Mail Addresses 

We are missing tons of addresses and phone numbers (most were collected 
at a Sunday gathering at Claudia's house after a number of people had 
left). If your information is not on the website, please send it my way.

Hope all of you have a great summer. "See" you in September.

*** Jane ***

Cyber Mesa Telecom
Santa Fe Headquarters
Tel 505-988-9200

/Cyber Mesa Website/ <https://www.cybermesa.com>

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