[Oxford63] Funny story KO connection

Barbara brucket at aol.com
Sun Oct 13 08:59:03 MDT 2019

 This is just a cute story. We were at a local theater last night and two women I know came in. One is from WH who never knows who I am unless I remind her who my parents were and that our parents were good friends. The other is from Manchester. So I say here is the CT contingent.  There is a young couple in back of us. She says to me that she is from Wethersfield. I said I was from WH and she said she went to Kingswood Oxford class of 1993. Several years ago I met the husband of the director of the theater. He also went to KO. There are a lot of Hartford people here and somehow we seem to find each other.Hope everyone is good.
Barbara Rucket
Brucket at aol.com
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