[Oxford63] “Global Warning”

Katherine Chappell kate at katechappellartspace.com
Wed Aug 7 18:56:35 MDT 2019

Dear All,
How close to my heart your conversation is!
This is my latest mixed media piece, a scroll that will be in a show this week in Kennebunkport. It’s titled “Global Warning.” I just can’t stand what’s happening to our planet and this country. It feels as if we are going to hell in a hand basket as my grandmother would say.
But I was encouraged by the voice of the mayor of Dayton, Ohio who described herself as a person of hope. 
I am downsizing too but it’s just so hard. I tend my big garden and try to pass on “reduce, reuse, recycle” to my grandkids. 
My artist statement for this work refers to a beautiful poem by Pablo Neruda that imagines a better world. I will send it separately.
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