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Boy, I’m with you on all fronts…consuming less, using the old stuff happily, admonishing my kids to make do (what a bore). My stereo was 45 years old so finally gave it away to a teacher who wanted to use it in his classroom. I still have all the records though in hopes of buying a turntable someday since the grandkids love to play them.

I’m a luddite of sorts so haven’t ever gotten into the electronics scene-the kids forced a hand me down iPhone on me at 70 and I love it-it’s a 5 and almost on it’s last leg.

I have a big rural spread here and am reluctant to leave it-the kids still come and love it but it’s a lot of work with the gardens and house maintenance so eventually I’ll find something more manageable…it is serene and peaceful here though…

God! Plastic! What a scourge it’s become, or always was really- we just denied it. Homo sapiens, the invasive species to beat all invasive species! I haven’t read The Story of Stuff but may now that you’ve mentioned it. 

I think the planet will survive and evolve over the eons as it always has…the grands and great grands I’m not so sure…

On that note, Cheers,

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> Nanny-Co -
> W-a-y too rich for my blood! I down-sized seven years ago, and the thought of all that stuff and responsibility conjures up nightmares. Still, it was a beautiful sight, left to younger and more affluent folks. 
> I confess that when I was younger, I lusted after the latest and greatest, particularly on the electronics front. Given global warming and my evolution to senior status on the humanity front (and happy for the privilege), I find myself less inclined to buy anything. I even patch jeans to wear on the weekends when walking the arroyo with my dog. I'm repairing a 20 year-old bookshelf stereo that suits me just fine for listening to the radio while in the kitchen area. I somehow took the Story of Stuff <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GorqroigqM> to heart. Wish we could find a way to recycle plastic to repave roads - or some other beneficial outcome.
> Anyhow, I just hope that the planet survives and serves our grandchildren well. 
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>> Thinking of buying Jane? 
>> Nanny-Co
>> P.S. Claudia’s right…Dimitri looks just like you!
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>>> Dimitri and I went to a brunch for "Mayor Pete" at a pretty fancy house on Old Pecos Trail. As it turns out, many moons ago the house belonged to Bill Mauldin, and Otis and I went there a few times. The current owners are a gay couple (lawyer plus doctor) with three kids. They have expanded the house and the gardens beyond recognition - but it's gorgeous. You can view the house on Zillow:
>>>             https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1110-Old-Santa-Fe-Trl-Santa-Fe-NM-87505/6828037_zpid/ <https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1110-Old-Santa-Fe-Trl-Santa-Fe-NM-87505/6828037_zpid/>?
>>> There were about 150 guests for the brunch this morning. I don't think I knew any of them, but we chatted with a few. The weather was perfect. Brunch was served as hors d'ouevres, but they were very tasty breakfast fare. Dimitri was the youngest attendee at the ripe old age or 12. Someone had a small baby, but I don't think that counts. One guy asked Dimitri if he was Mayor Pete. I pointed out that Dimitri was at least young enough! Another old gal we chatted with said that she had never felt this way about a candidate since JFK.
>>> So, to set the scene, here are some photos:
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