[Oxford63] Buttigieg Garden Party Part I: The Setting

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Nanny-Co -

W-a-y too rich for my blood! I down-sized seven years ago, and the 
thought of all that stuff and responsibility conjures up nightmares. 
Still, it was a beautiful sight, left to younger and more affluent folks.

I confess that when I was younger, I lusted after the latest and 
greatest, particularly on the electronics front. Given global warming 
and my evolution to senior status on the humanity front (and happy for 
the privilege), I find myself less inclined to buy anything. I even 
patch jeans to wear on the weekends when walking the arroyo with my dog. 
I'm repairing a 20 year-old bookshelf stereo that suits me just fine for 
listening to the radio while in the kitchen area. I somehow took the 
Story of Stuff <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GorqroigqM> to heart. 
Wish we could find a way to recycle plastic to repave roads - or some 
other beneficial outcome.

Anyhow, I just hope that the planet survives and serves our 
grandchildren well.

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On 08/06/2019 4:47 PM, Nanny-Co Lathrop wrote:
> Thinking of buying Jane?
> Nanny-Co
> P.S. Claudia’s right…Dimitri looks just like you!
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>> Dimitri and I went to a brunch for "Mayor Pete" at a pretty fancy 
>> house on Old Pecos Trail. As it turns out, many moons ago the house 
>> belonged to Bill Mauldin, and Otis and I went there a few times. The 
>> current owners are a gay couple (lawyer plus doctor) with three kids. 
>> They have expanded the house and the gardens beyond recognition - but 
>> it's gorgeous. You can view the house on Zillow:
>> https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1110-Old-Santa-Fe-Trl-Santa-Fe-NM-87505/6828037_zpid/?
>> There were about 150 guests for the brunch this morning. I don't 
>> think I knew any of them, but we chatted with a few. The weather was 
>> perfect. Brunch was served as hors d'ouevres, but they were very 
>> tasty breakfast fare. Dimitri was the youngest attendee at the ripe 
>> old age or 12. Someone had a small baby, but I don't think that 
>> counts. One guy asked Dimitri if he was Mayor Pete. I pointed out 
>> that Dimitri was at least young enough! Another old gal we chatted 
>> with said that she had never felt this way about a candidate since JFK.
>> So, to set the scene, here are some photos:

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