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It was so great to see you all and to now see you all again in photos.  It occurred to me on Monday that the reunion experience is like meeting up with cousins one grew up with: there's an immediate feeling of lifelong connection and acceptance.  Thanks so much to the hostesses for all their effort and graciousness, and to all of those who were able to attend.

I do hope that anyone who travels to northern California will look me up.  I'm only an hour north of San Francisco, in the wine country (that will appeal to some of you, I know).

Nancy Luke
3468 Hidden Hills Drive
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707 539-8342 (Home)
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PS.  Now that I have so much spreadsheet experience, I thought I could put one together that included our addresses and phone numbers.  Send me your info, if you'd like, and I'll broadcast it to the group.  Unless, Jane, you already have this information on the website?  

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Bonnie and I are still together reminiscing about the weekend!  Thanks for all the emails and lovely thoughts - the reunion continues...

We loved connecting with you all in person, and thanks to everyone that contributed to making the weekend so special.  We spoke with Sue Snow last night and filled her in on the festivities.
She is feeling much better and I will send her a few pictures today as she is anxious to see us all.

Love to you all,  Lelly and Bonnie

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I cannot thank you all enough for all the emails!
>While unable to be with you this past weekend, I truly did feel that I WAS 
there in spirit.
>When the time is right, would love to see some photos . . . then I can 
truly smile - for seeing you that way would be so special 
>Rainy here again . . . sun is supposed to reappear by Wednesday.
>My thoughts to you all -
>. . .  and not as an after thought - thank you, Jane, for creating 
this address so that we all can communicate no matter 
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