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P.S.  I almost forgot:  Thank you also to Nancy Luke for the very helpful spreadsheet, and to Walter Gwardyak for coaching us and accompanying - very welcome support!!  Betsy

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Good evening, all,

First chance I have had to write a note since I left West Hartford...  What a magical weekend!  It was so wonderful to reconnect with all of you - those I knew well, and those I had hardly known at Oxford.  What lovely and accomplished women you all are, and what a pleasure it was to see everyone having so much fun discovering "sisterhood" again. 

I am so sorry I couldn't be at Claudia's brunch, and I hope you'll post some pictures of all the fun.  Did the Octopipers sing again?  Did you sing the school song?  Play softball?  

Thank you, one and all for everything.  Sandy, your brunch was fabulous.  Please thank Jen and Hannah again for helping you be such a gracious hostess.  Barbara, I'm sorry I couldn't do the yoga - one time commitment too many!  Sounded like everyone loved it.  Jill, thank you for this wonderful web site and for keeping all our addresses current so we can communicate.  Judy and Susie M., thank you for chauffeuring me around so I didn't end up in Elmwood every time I had to get in a car!  Rena and Claudia, thank you for organizing the House of Afghanistan dinner - great choice of restaurant!   Holly, Claudia, Judy, Tina, Sandy, Debbie, Susie, and Sally, thank you for letting me join the Octopipers!!!!  What a kick to sing with all of you again.  And Tina, your "Cool Mover" was terrific - you absolutely stole the show! 

Susan and Courtney, you were SO missed!!  I'm glad we could Skype with you, Courtney, but it was a frustrating taste.  We talked about you all weekend, and wished you were with us.  Susan,  I hope you are feeling better.  Thank you both for helping us stay in touch with each other over the years.

Great reunion!  Let's do it again soon!!  Love to you all,  Betsy 

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I cannot thank you all enough for all the emails!
While unable to be with you this past weekend, I truly did feel that I WAS 
there in spirit.
When the time is right, would love to see some photos . . . then I can 
truly smile - for seeing you that way would be so special 
Rainy here again . . . sun is supposed to reappear by Wednesday.
My thoughts to you all -
. . .  and not as an after thought - thank you, Jane, for creating 
this address so that we all can communicate no matter 
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