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I have a release for me. I am sure everyone will be just fine but my insurance requires me to get it signed. By this point we all know our own bodies and if there is something we are not comfortable doing, we just do not do it.  I have no idea if the school requires anything as we are using their facility but if they do, I would hope they would take care of it.


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Hi to everyone from a chilly sunny day.  The sun just makes it so much better!

I figured that Barb would have whatever sort of release she needed, and so far I gather that K-O has not brought it up.  If they want a waiver of liability for doing it at the school, then I am sure the school's lawyers will provide it.  I am not a member of the CT bar, so anything I did would not likely be acceptable.

I am excited to hear that Barb would do something fairly basic, because then I can join, and others, who have not done much yoga.  I  joined a class for awhile, but discovered that my occasional vertigo, and other balance issues, makes it a bit difficult.  Lying flat on my back just doesn't work very well.

Can't wait to see everyone in June!


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I think a yoga class would be great!  I, unknowingly,
tried a hot yoga class earlier this month.  Oh my gosh -
90 degrees to start and over 100 by the time we finished
1.25 hrs.  I was totally soaked from head to foot.  It
was a free trial class, and I didn't sign anything,  
so I don't think we have to obsess about a waiver.
Needless to say, I love walking!  And with this frigid
weather I've gone inside to a treadmill at the gym!
See you all in June!

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