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 Judy was correct on a few things. First, we did have a wonderful dinner in Atlanta. Second, she did call the school without telling me. Third, I was reticent about doing this. Fourth, it cannot be scarier than speaking at chapel in front of the whole school!
That being said, If you all want me to teach a yoga calss, I am happy to come up with a simple basic class with emphasis on breathing and stretching. I think it should be for our class only. My insurance requires me to have everyone sign a release and I have one to use.
If there is no interest in doing this, that is OK too.

Judy, I hope you can co-ordinate it if there is enough interest. I am sure the school will need to know how many mats to order. I have my younger grandson's Bar Mitzvah the weekend before in Philly and am not sure  if I am going straight to Hartford or back to Atlanta and then to CT. If I drive, I will have a mat and if I fly I won't as I will be doing it all in a carry-on.


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