[Oxford63] Reunion

Judith Whitcomb jwhitcomb at alaska.com
Tue Jan 22 23:54:24 MST 2013

Yo Oxford '63!
   I wrote a beautiful long letter to the class while I was in Suriname, South America, and it disappeared from my computer never to be found again. I had just had this wonderful dinner a few days before with Barb and Alan Ruckett in Atanta, and came home that night to the find the video of MJ on my computer and was so touched. My favorite story of MJ was when she came quietly in to the cafeteria at Oxford during the lunch at our 30th reunion, nervous about presenting herself back to our class after such a long absence. We were all having a great time at lunch and she came up behind me and I (and I think many others) thought she was someone waiting on tables.Then she said in a little voice-""I…I'm MJ".  And the whole table screamed in a most unladylike way  "M.J!!!!" and swallowed her up. What a happy memory of her reuniting with us!  I am so looking forward to a time of warmth and sharing with all of you, and some skyping with Courtney and others who can't make it.
   After I mentioned to our cyber community the idea of a yoga class with Barbara and her Senior Yoga teaching skills, I took it upon myself to see if they even had any yoga mats at K/O and if there was any place to have a class if enough people were interested. I made an exploratory call to K/O and they put me through to Nicolle Kimball who I guess is organizing the reunion. She said she'd look into it to see if it was possible. The next thing I heard was that there was a place and they would order yoga mats for us and how many did we want.  Yikes!  So I told Barb at supper what had happened.  Barb knows enough about yoga to know that it could be dangerous if people try to do too much in yoga when they are not ready. She takes her training and certification seriously, thank heavens, and was a little reticent because she felt we would need each of us taking the class to sign a release. I stuck my neck out and thought maybe Bonnie could maybe draw something up and we could sign something before going out on the floor and doing something good for ourselves.  I figure with me and NannyCo there would be two doctors in the room (one of whom knows a lot more about yoga than the other.) Then I actually said to Barb-  "I can't even do tree!!" And she said- "You could if you were holding on to a chair, old lady!"  I love her style.  Barb said she is wiling to do a beginning class if there is interest  and it fits into our plan. I  have no idea of the K/O reunion schedule or what the class  wants to do, but I thought I'd throw back out  to the class what I have found out so far and see what the response is. If we do it, I think  we should restrict it to members of our Oxford class only, and keep it quiet (i.e. not on the general  K/O reunion schedule).  
   OK- I've stuck my neck out far enough. Any thoughts from any of you elderly medicare recipients?
  Yoga or not- I'm really excited about reunion and getting together with our class. 



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