[Oxford63] 50 th

Leslie And Cotty cmbarlow at snet.net
Mon Apr 15 16:32:04 MDT 2013

Hi all,

At this point I am utterly confused with so many options and decisions to be made.  The reunion has become complicated!

That being said Bonnie, Susie M and I are staying at the Hampton Inn in Farmington so we won't have to drive back and forth and will have a place to change for dinner.  At this point we are going to lunch at the school and then would like to drop by Sandy's for a quick hi.  If it's a nice day I would like to walk through Elizabeth Park - so near where I grew up.  Then we'll be at dinner and Claudia's bringing champagne for mimosas.  Hope fully there will be some OJ to go with it!

We all feel that the school is putting a huge effort in time and money for these reunions...

Looking forward to seeing you all, Lelly

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