[Oxford63] Reunion

Judith Whitcomb jwhitcomb at alaska.com
Sun Apr 14 22:59:37 MDT 2013

I have tried to send some messages and I'm not sure they went through, so here's a retry.
   For Nancy's spread sheet:
                   Dinner  at K/O sat night-  Yes  
                   Yoga  yes-  I guess I am in charge figuring out the timing and location.  I'll have my recommendation soon.
                   Brunch at Claudia's on Sunday AM -yes- 
                   Lunch- I'd sure like to have us together, I could go either way- Sandy's or K/O
                   Any more thoughts on Fri night dinner get together?  I'm up for it.

I am a bit computer illiterate- If I was supposed to put this somewhere else on line, let me know.
   Judy  W.

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