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I am not a yoga lady . . . probably should be . . .
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Just got  this today from Nicole Kimball. 

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Subject:  Reunion

Date:  April  1, 2013 4:33:42 AM AKDT

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I hope you are well and enjoying the first few weeks of  spring. It is
starting to finally warm up here and it is nice to see the  buds breaking
through the grass. 

With Reunion around the corner I  wanted to check in with you about the
yoga class. Have you and your  classmates decided to schedule a time? I am
firming up the schedule and  getting ready to mail the invitation and I
wanted to be sure to include  anything specific for you and your

Please let me  know. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Nicole Kimball
Kingswood Oxford School
170 Kingswood  Road
West Hartford, CT 06119
Ph: 860.727.5014 
_kimball.n at k-o.org_ (mailto:kimball.n at k-o.org) 


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