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Nanny-Co Lathrop ncl at gmavt.net
Mon Apr 1 17:48:31 MDT 2013

  Hi all, I'd love to do yoga-don't care a wit about any official KO  
activities and am just interested in the casual get togethers already  
mentioned. My favorite was a dinner we had at Tina's parents a 100  
years ago... xo to all, nanny-co
On Apr 1, 2013, at 4:44 AM, Judith Whitcomb wrote:

> Hi Bonnie and Lelly- I agree we need to get started with our plans.
> I would like to know how many people are interested in the yoga class.
> We have the opportunity of using the K/O gym facilities. They will  
> order up some mats for us. I just need to let Nicolle Kimball know  
> how many mats to order.  If I could just have an order of magnitude,  
> I'll order up some extras for those who decide later to join in.
> Sandy Garcia had offered to have us do it at Watkinson if people  
> don't want to do it at K/O. That is a great offer.  My feeling is  
> that it would be nice to have some kind of a presence at K/O even  
> though most of us don't have much feeling of connection there. We  
> are a special and cohesive class and it is would be nice to show it.
> The next question is when is the best time for us to get together  
> for the  yoga class. I think it would be good to do it  on Sat. mid  
> morning, but I don't know how many people will be there at that time.
> As for the rest of the reunion weekend- I am not particularly  
> interested in the big K/O dinner nor in any tour of the campus nor  
> in hearing any speeches by famous Kingswood Alums. I personally  
> would like to be together with our class. I loved Lelly's offer of a  
> picnic at her house.  And I am definitely looking forward to a  
> brunch at Claudia's on Sunday. I've also been thinking of maybe  
> going for a walk around the reservoir or going to Elizabeth Park  
> sometime.
> My favorite reunion dinner was the one at the airport. It was just  
> us, the food was great, we were all relaxed , sitting down but  
> comfortable circulating. Whatever we do, I am looking forward to  
> seeing everyone who can make it. I plan to fly in on Thurs and would  
> be happy to help out with anything beforehand either in CT or  
> Alaska. I will be renting a car and will be happy to car pool for  
> anyone without wheels.
> Let me know about yoga.
> Thanx
> Judy
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