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Hello all,
So sad to hear about MJ.  I never knew her very well, esp. since I left after 9th grade, but I do remember her sense of humor.  It is tough to lose a contemporary, and certainly reminds us to treasure the relationships we have.  We are fortunate to have lost only one classmate - in my graduating class of 74 at Abbot, we have lost 7!  It's a shock.  I am happy to report that my 50th reunion at Abbot is the week AFTER our Oxford reunion, so there is no conflict.  I hope to see you all at K-O in June!  
I was so happy to see so many of you at the reunion (was it our 35th??) where we set up the art scholarship in Courtney's honor... do you suppose we could all arrange to stay at the same hotel again?  That was such fun!
Warm wishes to all of you,  Betsy

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Since there are lots of people who want to know:
Jim and Nancy Vineburgh's address is:
21 E Summerton Ct, Bluffton, SC 29910

And if anyone wants to write to MJ's beloved partner  Laurie Hall
They lived at:
110 Woodbine Drive
East Hampton NY 11937

I had the honor of being MJ's oldest friend. Our parents were close so MJ
and I first played together when we were 2 years old. In the 65 or so years
of our friendship, we never had a fight. Jim said the truest thing when we
discussed MJ's being an organ donor .."I only hope someone gets her
She did not have an easy life but her 'go to' mode was one of laughter, and
generosity. The only blessing of the apparent heart attack Friday morning
was that she did not suffer.

Looking forward to seeing you in June

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