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I'm so impressed, Barbara.  I've been taking yoga for a couple of years, but not 
consistently enough to do as much good as it could.  I always feel wonderful 
after class, however.  I also realize, having been away from it (traveling) for 
almost 6 weeks, that I'd better get back to it soon!


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Besides the fact that yoga is great, you just never know who will show up in 
your studio.Two years ago I went through the teaching certification. Hardest 
thing I have done in years both physically and mentally. Had to take a 26 page 
exam and write a paper. It had been a long time since college. My goal was to 
finish before I went on Medicare which I did. I just did an online certification 
for teaching seniors. I figured it will help me down the line as I hope to be 
able to practice forever.

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Dear Alana,

Glad you enjoy it. I have a number of friends that sing yoga's       praise. 
Just need to retire - and I do plan to fairly soon. East       Hartland sounds 
idyllic! I always thought it was a lovely (though       somewhat remote) area.

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On 10/05/12 9:22 AM, HARALD BORDEWIECK wrote:

>You definitely should!  I started a year or so ago because               it was 
>being offered right here in River City= little East               Hartland--I 
>couldn't pass up the convenience.  I could               even walk to it if I 
>wanted to schlep my mat etc.  I look               forward to it every week and 
>sleep like a baby that night.
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>>Dear                       Barbara,
>>That is a minor miracle! I have yet to try yoga,                       but maybe 
>>I should.
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On 10/05/12 8:24 AM, Barbara wrote:
>>I just had to let you all know that we                             really have 
>>not changed in all these years.                             I was at my normal 
>>Friday yoga class this                             morning and was putting my 
>>things away. This                             woman comes in for the next  class 
>>who looks                             very familiar. She comes up to me and said                             
>>Barbara and I say you are and then Nanny                             co?  I 
>>could not believe it. Her daughter                             lives here and 
>>moved near the yoga studio                             and she goes when she is 
>>in town. I am there                             all the time and we had never 
>>crossed paths                             before. It was especially nice since I 
>>miss                             Buena coming to visit as her daughter and                             
>>son-in-law moved back to CA.
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