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Tue Nov 27 18:57:55 MST 2012

The sharing and caring has been phenomenal! All I can say is WOW!
Now, we must get real . .  figure out what you all want to do for the  
reunion. Frankly, I would like to meet for something at Kingswood in order to  
interact with other classes and then to have our personal time as a class.
So, let us all reunite - dinner at Kingswood, daytime at Kingswood,  brunch 
with Claudia on Sunday,so many options! Let us reunite and figure out  what 
is really good for all of us! Yes, many will be flying or driving a  
distance - let this be meaningful.
Sleep well - am watching The Voice - love it! Sing and dance to the music!  
Some things never change! Ah, Mrs. Swett would be rolling her eyes, yet she 
did  allow me to join Glee Club - go figure!
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