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Hi everyone!

It's been a long long time since I have been in touch!  I hardly know where
to begin.

First of all, Courtney--I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and hope
you are now feeling better.  I remember so well visiting you in Chicago with
my daughter Emily years ago.  She has in fact continued with her
determination to go into the history of photography.  She first went to the
Courtauld in London for a year, then to U. of Arizona for 2 years, and now
in her second year at Brown to finish her PhD.  Quite a journey that you
helped to start. She wants to be a curator, and is specializing in the
intersection between science, technology, and photography in the 19th

David and I never dreamed that our children would become academics like
their grandfather, but, as both of them say, DAMN those genes!  Sam is
finishing his PhD in Latin American Political Science from Berkeley and is
trying to find a job.  He was married last summer to his girlfriend of 12
years (Claudia and Walter came to the wedding in Queens) and now they are
expecting a baby in June!   Very exciting, but Sam has a lot of uncertainty
in his life right now.  It's not the best time to be looking for an academic

I am a retired teacher/administrator with a nice pension--- one of the
despised hacks that people have pilloried recently. I am doing some
educational consulting as well as lots of tennis and music.  After cycling
through several instruments, I have settled on the cello for the last 20
years, and play a lot--lessons, chamber groups, summer camp.  Actually,
Susie Bates, I go to Apple Hill, right near Keene!. We've done a lot of
traveling, too--our last trips were to Spain (last year) and Myanmar
(February 2009).  David is still practicing architecture, but is beginning
to slowly wind down. We still live in our big house in Lexington and can't
imagine doing all the clearing out we would have to do to move. Your condo
sounds intriguing, Rena.

Jane, I've been remembering our rides to school in your lima bean VW bug!


Holly (Carey Handlin)

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 12:18 PM, Rena Koopman <koopman.rena at comcast.net>wrote:

> Hello all
> Have no clue if the attached photo will go to all of you but if it does,
> that's me flanked by my kids and Zandy is next to her husband (at that
> point
> they had been married for about 10 minutes). Taken at our lake house in
> Maine last August.
> Courtney- sorry you have a repeat of information but since I am not a good
> email correspondent, I will cut and paste from what I wrote you...otherwise
> I'll never manage to write.
> Last year - after 30 years in Newton in a big house on 1 1/2 acres- I moved
> to a condo in Brookline. It was a huge deal to move...sorting through
> things,  selling art, giving things away, but I feel very freed up from too
> much 'stuff' and while I still have plenty of room, there are fewer places
> to loose things. Adding to the fun, the building I live in is on the
> National Historic Register both because of the architect: Charles Maginnis
> -
> as he is considered the father of American Gothic Architecture , and
> because
> John and Robert Kennedy were baptized here (now the Baptistery is my next
> door neighbors dining room). We are on the local Kennedy tour. Anyone who
> comes to Boston let me know as I have guest rooms and even if you don't
> stay, I love to give church tours.
> Otherwise? The kids are fine. Jordan is finishing the first year of a 2
> year
> MA in City and Regional Planning at Cornell. Zandy and her husband Chris
> have applied to grad school and they will be coming East...either to
> Boston,
> Philly or NY. They still haven't made the final decision but no matter what
> it will be easier to visit them then it is right now while they are in WY.
> I
> take classes one day a week at Harvard and continue to work on jewelry
> commissions.
> Love to all
> Rena
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