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Thanks Jane for keeping all the info intact.
All is well here ...
Love - Deb

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 2:32 PM, Jane M. Hill <jhill at cybermesa.com> wrote:

> Dear Classmates,
> The list of email addresses for our class resides at:
>     http://www.cybermesa.com/oxford63.nsf/Class%20List?OpenPage
> If you have any updates for email addresses, please let me know. Until now,
> no one used the list for almost a year and a half, so probably some email
> addresses have changed. Maybe everyone that is getting mail from the list
> should check in by sending a one-liner? That way, we could figure out who
> might not be receiving messages. Hopefully, one of us would have the new
> address.
> The pictures of the big reunion are still up and can be accessed from:
>     http://www.cybermesa.com/oxford63
> Courtney's address is cdonnell312 at aol.com - I just sent her a message, and
> it seemed to go through just fine. I hope she is checking her email at
> least.
> Let's see... In the summer of 2009 I took my 9 year-old granddaughter,
> Alyssa, to Europe. We started off in Paris and took the overnight train to
> Barcelona a few days later. We boarded a cruise that went to Mediterranean
> islands and ended up in Piraeus. Oddly, a couple of the Greek crew members
> had been on the ship that took Otis and me to Antarctica in 1990. That same
> summer we rejoined the ship in Istanbul, and we took Yannaki with us. One of
> the cruise staff, Panos,  taught Yannaki a bunch of card tricks. When Alyssa
> and I boarded in Barcelona, there was Panos! We recognized each other, and
> finally I said, "Well, I've brought you the next generation.". After the
> cruise we stayed in Athens for a couple weeks, and Alyssa met her Greek
> grandfather and turned 10. It was a fabulous trip!
> A couple months ago I moved to a new home. It's a big deal to move after 16
> years in one place! My son and his family (3 kids) are going to live in my
> old house after some minor fix-up. I'm enjoying the change. Business
> continues to go well and to intrigue me - though I do want to retire some
> day.
> Hope all of you are thriving. This is a good time of year.
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