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Judy - so nice to hear from you! Your email was eloquent! I just returned  
from a glorious weekend in VT where it WAS hazy/hot/humid! Yet, my dear 
friend  built a glorious pond on his property last year and I spent most of the 
weekend  swimming in it - so beautiful! Also spent time around this pond 
looking for  new fish, some that are surviving and some for his in-house 
all-natural  aquarium! A learning experience for me, yet I have found that I truly 
am an  observer of nature! Yes, found all the new species!
Since this will go to all of Oxford '63, please let me know whether I  
should gather news and photos from you and all others, especially photos for the 
 next K-O Magazine. Deadline for my submission in 9/6/11; ergo, deadline 
for you  all is 8/15/11. Would so love to hear from all of you, especially 
P.S. Can you believe we are only 2 years away from our 50th!!!! Gads - know 
 that I am truly in denial! Perhaps we can all plan to meet once again in 
2013  and revel in who we are!
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Greetings, all, from the Maine coast  (here, fortunately,  being  MUCH 
cooler than Philadelphia!) -

I had the pleasure last  evening of sitting on a comfortable and beautiful 
bench crafted by a Maine  artisan while looking at a two panel work,  
"Healing the Break," by Kate  Cheney Chappell and headset listening to a rich 
song, also of that title,  inspired by Kate's work, by Maine singer songwriter 
Cindy Bullens.  The  installation is currently at The Boothbay Opera House 
where Nancy and I were  for a concert.  A great surprise as I'd had no idea I 
would find these  two artists, among others, whom I know and whose work I 
enjoy, as an inspiring  few moments before the concert.  Visit 
_paintersplayersandpoets.com_ (http://paintersplayersandpoets.com/)   if you're interested 
in more.

I've been noticing how I periodically  reflect on Buena's loss of her 
longtime friend, partner, companion, husband:  certainly something more and more 
of us will encounter in the not too distant  future, but I would wish it not 
be with such excruciating suddenness.  My  experience last night and 
reflecting on Rena's work (we've just been reminded  of her through this same 
great connecting Jane offers us) and not too long-ago  loss, lead me to wish for 
each of us to be held and sustained by the  creativity and beauty all 
around us.

Warm (no pun intended of course)  thoughts to everyone,

Judith A.  Powers
4337 Larchwood Ave
Philadelphia, PA  19104

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