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Rena Koopman koopman.rena at comcast.net
Tue Jul 19 20:13:19 MDT 2011

Jane persuaded me to send these photos out to all of you.

This Spring/early Summer I was lucky enough to have visits from both Debbie
Stone Edson (with her lovely husband Doug) and Justine (aka Tina) Schulman.
Tina and I had lunch with her sister Amy, Penny Kearns' sister and Kate
Taylor (Mr. Stevenson's daughter). Amy lives 2 streets away from me so we
had lunch at her house and dessert at mine.

Debbie and her husband stayed with me when they came to Boston for their
(future) daughter-in-law's graduation from Tufts.
Such fun to see old friends
If you are coming to Boston- let me know!

Happy summer

PS-if you wrote to Courtney -after her accident or at any other time in the
last year or so through this list- she did not receive your email. When I
spoke with her last week I found she had changed her email address without
notifying Jane. Jane has now updated the list and Courtney is 'on-line' 

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