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Two memories:
    Because of the distance that the Swans, Alana Sobol, sometimes Sandy
Ferguson and we Anderson girls drove and the schedule of the one father or
another working in Hartford with whom we rode, we were  close to first
arriving at Oxford and often last to leave (from 714 Prospect's porch).
Supposed to be working on homework, we were sometimes otherwise preoccupied
with feeling hungry or sleepy, trying not to whisperchat as the library
emptied out, and getting to know Louis the custodian.  Special, quiet times.
     The other is an auditory memory: the distinct sound of the main
staircase at 695 Prospect, especially the clicking of the aluminum strips at
the edge of each step and the thumping of the treads to the third floor.  My
mother, also an alumna, used to talk about she and her friends being
reprimanded for "thundering" up and down those stairs to/from the third
floor changing rooms for gym class with young Miss Lasell, the same Miss
Lasell who retired when I was there in the early 60's.
         Judy Powers, Oxford '63

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>  Dear All,
> This weekend, I received a letter from K-O regarding the publications for
> 2010. There will only be two issues next year, a winter magazine and a
> summer magazine.
> The Winter issue will be a special Centennial Celebration issue. They are
> inviting everyone to share favorite memories of their years attending K-O
> (or, in our case, Oxford). Photos of our time at Oxford are also welcome.
> The *deadline *for my submission is *August 24th*. I know that we are all
> busy with summer, but if you all could take a few minutes to jot down some
> thoughts and email them to me, that would be great!
> Thank you one and all - may you have a glorious summer!
> Susan
> P.S. For those of you who have received 2 thank you e-mails from me re:my
> niece's quest for the cure/NYC Marathon, no have not lost my mind! Received
> notifications that many of my sent emails were not received!
> So, better safe than sorry, I rewrote notes of appreciation.
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