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Sun Jul 12 15:30:16 MDT 2009

Dear All,
This weekend, I received a letter from K-O regarding the publications for  
2010. There will only be two issues next year, a winter magazine and a  
summer magazine.
The Winter issue will be a special Centennial Celebration issue. They are  
inviting everyone to share favorite memories of their years attending K-O 
(or,  in our case, Oxford). Photos of our time at Oxford are also welcome. The 
 deadline for my submission is August 24th. I know that  we are all busy 
with summer, but if you all could take a few minutes to jot down  some 
thoughts and email them to me, that would be great!
Thank you one and all - may you have a glorious summer!
P.S. For those of you who have received 2 thank you e-mails from me re:my  
niece's quest for the cure/NYC Marathon, no have not lost my mind! Received  
notifications that many of my sent emails were not received!
So, better safe than sorry, I rewrote notes of  appreciation.
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