[Oxford63] Happy Labor Day!

Betsy Cadbury betsycadbury at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 3 23:54:45 MDT 2008

Hi, Susan,

So pleased to hear how well Zach is doing - just proof
of how far good care, good attitude and good support
can go!  What great spirit all of you seem to have. 
These are the times that draw folks closer.

We are up to our ears in canning and freezing the
produce from our vegetable garden and orchard, and are
most appreciative of the lovely September weather.

My only real news is that Jackie Sutton is found!  (I
seem to recall reading that she had fallen off the
Oxford alumnae charts?)  She turned up in June at our
Abbot reunion in Andover, now calling herself Sister
Madeleine.  She has had a pretty colorful career,
teaching English, French and History all over the
world from Maryland, Arizona, Texas and Massachusetts
in the U.S., to Canada, Nicaragua, Switzerland,
Taiwan, and Ecuador!  She was married to Bruce
Cleverly in 1967, has two daughters, divorced in 1990,
and spent many years from 1985 on at the Cape Cod
Community of Jesus, taking her final vows there as a
Benedictine Sister just this year.  I didn't have much
time to talk with her, other than a quick greeting, as
she was leaving as I arrived.  We overlapped only for
a luncheon and were at different tables.  I thought
she looked positively radiant, and  everyone who
talked with her said she seems truly happy.  Her
address is:  Sister Madeleine Cleverly, 11 Bay View
Drive, Orleans, MA 02653.

Happy fall to everyone!  Love,  Betsy

--- MVSPS at aol.com wrote:

> Hi there -
> Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend - weather
> here in CT gorgeous  this 
> weekend.
> Just a reminder: must submit news to K-O by the 4th 
> . . . have heard  from a 
> few of you, yet hope to hear from more, along with
> summer pics.
> Again, cannot thank you all enough for the words of
> inspiration and  
> encouragement re: Zach! He is now able to drive and
> fly (important to his job),  yet 
> cannot swim until end-September and no heavy lifting
> until Nov.
> I know that many of you included some news in those
> e-mails  . . .  oops, 
> deleted.
> Happy Fall to you all -
> Susan
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