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Hello, Susan, and thanks for gathering our news.
I have been challenged this summer by a bad bout with Lyme disease (there is 
a mini-epidemic in Southern Maine at the moment) but thankfully I am on the 
mend. Being able to administer my own IV antibiotics has meant I have been able 
to spend time healing on Monhegan, where I usually spend the summer. I have 
had to close my studio to the public, but I have been painting and writing close 
to home. The community here has been so generous and loving. I have had the 
loan of a golf cart to get around, visits from many artist and poet friends, 
and community sings to sustain the spirit. The rugged beauty of the high cliffs, 
the deep woods, and surrounding sea sustain me. 
My daughter, Eliza, had her third child in July, a baby girl named Madeline. 
That brings our total to 9! I guess I should expect exponential growth with 5 
children, but math was never my strong suit. We are blessed that two families 
live nearby in Maine; the others are far-flung, in Charleston, New York, and 
California. Tom is officially retired, and putting his energy into the 
Saltwater Institute, offering educational programs in values-centered leadership for 
small businesses and non-profits. I have helped design the experiential parts 
of the training that incorporate art materials and poetry to address 
self-understanding & creativity in entrepreneurship. We have bought a farm west of 
Kennebunk, where we are raising Rambouillet sheep, and Tom is learning to spin! The 
land will be saved from development, and be farmed.
I have two group shows coming up in the fall, one a show of artists' journals 
at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, and the other a Peregrine Press 
(our cooperative fine arts press in Portland) printmaking show at the Saco 
Museum. I will also be speaking on a panel discussion of collaborative books at the 
University of Southern Maine in September. Thanks to all who came to my show 
at the New Britain Museum during reunion. It was great to see you! 
All the best,

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