[Oxford63] Reunion

Rena Koopman rkoopman at rcn.com
Mon Mar 24 13:53:52 MST 2008

Great! What a perfect space for us to get together  (and for me,  a chance
to see Agnes's Sol LeWitt wall drawing again )

Hi Courtney...when I spoke with you a month or so ago, you didn't think you
would be coming but mentioned the wish to sometime have a reunion in
Chicago. Perhaps you have reconsidered and will come this year- please let
us know. When we get together we can talk about  your Chicago idea.


> Hi again -
>   Good News!  Agnes has offered her very lovely and spacious home on
>   Orchard Rd. (off Mountain) for our dinner.  She said she would love to
>   have us all there!
>   We'll have to get it catered (she didn't offer that!), but she knows of
>   someone who is reasonable and good.  We thought just a casual dinner -
>   paper plates, etc.  We'll also have to think about wine and other drinks.
>   This should be really easy to plan - I'll just need to know numbers and
>   if you all think it's a good plan.
>   And what about Courtney - there has been no mention of her.  Will she
>   come?
>   Best to everyone -
>   Lelly
> Leslie & Cotty
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