[Oxford63] Reunion

LESLIE BARLOW cmbarlow at snet.net
Mon Mar 24 11:48:27 MST 2008

Hi again -
  Good News!  Agnes has offered her very lovely and spacious home on
  Orchard Rd. (off Mountain) for our dinner.  She said she would love to
  have us all there!
  We'll have to get it catered (she didn't offer that!), but she knows of
  someone who is reasonable and good.  We thought just a casual dinner -
  paper plates, etc.  We'll also have to think about wine and other drinks.
  This should be really easy to plan - I'll just need to know numbers and
  if you all think it's a good plan.
  And what about Courtney - there has been no mention of her.  Will she
  Best to everyone -

Leslie & Cotty
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