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Hi there Fran!

I'm so happy Ben's doing well...good to hear from you.

Just wanted to check in with the group and say I'm sorry I won't be at our reunion.  My uncle Ted Ferree died late last year and there's going to be a service and interment of his ashes in West Hartford three weeks after the K-O event, plus it's a chance for all the Ferree cousins to have our own reunion so Karl and I'll only be going back east for that.  Kate, wanted you to save the exorbitant postage on an invitation to your show too!

Have a GREAT time together,

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  Hi all, 
  My dear husband Ben had unexpected open heart surgery Feb 15 and after an uneasy period is finally doing well.  I had hoped to be there and offer Fenwick as a possibility for a gathering or golf or some activity,  but it looks as though I will be lucky to get there.  I'll be able to stay with my Mother and Ellsworth Grant at Duncaster but not able to plan much.  We are all in that age group of being flexible about schedules!
  Best to everyone and hope there will be a large number of us attending.

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