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Deb and Doug Edson edson4550 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 08:03:44 MDT 2008

Hello All -

Jane got me back on the list (I was off for awhile, by mistake, due to an address change).
Anyway - have enjoyed hearing everyone's e-voices. 

I will not be making it to the reunion this year...nor the dinner (thanks, though, for all your
effort, Lelly). Just too dang busy (it's that time of year for the construction business), plus
will have just gotten back from a week in Hawaii visiting friends. So - due to old age (wisdom?),
I am opting to be sane and give myself a break and stay home Saturday to just "chill". I certainly
will be thinking of you. 

By the way - Jane Hill had a great idea for our 50th (man, does that sound weird...50th???). She thinks
a three day weekend with a pool and hiking trails would bring us all together. I told her it sounds
good to me. I would just love to be able to really sit and spend some quality time with you all.
These one day rush rush events leave me feeling frustrated because I don't get to really talk with
everyone, and many of you that I do get to talk to, we just skim the surface. It's something to think

Love you all -
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