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Thu Apr 17 21:09:12 MDT 2008

Hi Kate -
Zach was here this eve for dinner - a menu that he requested! A favorite  and 
healthy meal  . . . yet, I surprised him with Mom's brownies! Took them  home 
to share at work and with brother, Ben, who is driving down tomorrow  from 
Boston to spend the weekend with him.
Kate, he is a wonder! Has all the info which he shared with me tonight . .  . 
the chemo will not be easy; he knows he may be hospitalized, yet is already  
fighting against that. Told him that me casa e su casa if he needs to be with  
someone - my company has given me "charte blanche" for time off - amazing.
I gave him a Livestrong wristband tonight - so excited! Noticed I was  
wearing one. Also gave him a Journal Book . . . to write down feelings, emotions  . 
. . he looked at me and said ,you know me so well . . . have been thinking  
about being the younger Lance Armstrong . . . to get pediatrisions (sp) to  
educate boys about their testicles, to feel them et al. To know when something  is 
not right. Zach has never had any sensitivity there, so this was a  total 
surprise! A lump around his stomach is what started everything 5 weeks  ago.
He looks terrific - the weight loss is where he wants to be . . . 6'   2" 
tall - has been heavy - is now "GQ"
wants to maintain this look! So, I started to document with a photo . . .  
with many more to come!
He is living life and is educated. And our inspiration.
All love , 
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Dear Susan, 
We will miss you. I know these are not easy days ahead for you and your  
family. What a blessing that Zach has you, and that you can support him going  
forward. I was very moved by the generosity of his co-workers giving up  vacation 
time for him. We will take lots of pictures and be thinking of you. I  hope 
and believe that you will find the courage and strength you need, and  that 
Zach will find the healing he needs.
Kate Cheney  Chappell
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Kennebunk, ME 04043
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