[Oxford63] Almost 45 years - Oh my!

Judith Whitcomb jwhitcomb at alaska.com
Fri Aug 17 21:19:44 MDT 2007

Hi Susan- I am going to try to send you a picture of me and my son  
Jamie- We are leaving tomorrow to take him to Boulder where he is 
transferring for his last 2 1/2 years of college at CU. He is psyched 
and I am happy. I am still working like crazy, but enjoy it and have 
stopped taking Emergency Room call since my 60th birthday.
   Just spent three crazy weeks in Maine with my siblings and whichever 
offspring managed to or dared to make it and relaxing was not part of 
the plan. Had a great time last year with Ann LeRoyer and husband up 
here in Anchorage and am looking forward to visiting with and /or 
hosting any of my Oxford classmates who make it this far north. So far 
Nancy Luke and Rena and Ann have graced me with their company. Courtney 
and I sent to the alumnae office pictures of our get together in 
Chicago last fall but I don't think they made it into the news.
    Looking forward to the reunion in May.
    Lots of love to all,
         Judy Whitcomb
I am having a hard time attaching things so I guess it will come 
On Aug 17, 2007, at 1:13 PM, judypowers at att.net wrote:

> Susan -
>    Sorry to leave you having to cut and paste, but I'm using a library 
> computer that allows "Read Only" documents.   So my blurb is below. 
>    Thanks for keeping us connected and urging us to remember May.
>               Judy Powers
> Brief blurb for K-O News from Judy Anderson Powers – late August, 2007:
>  Still enjoying the summers and falls in Maine while living several 
> winter months in Philadelphia.  House renovations in both places is 
> what I've been busy with for the last two years.  We’re expecting our 
> first grandchildren, one due September in Los Angeles, one due in 
> March in the Dominican Republic.  In June I had the great pleasure of 
> an evening at Claudia’s with her husband, Sandy and Alana as I was 
> passing through the Hartford area.
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>> Hi everyone -
>> Hope that each and every one of you are having a wonderful summer, 
>> despite the strange weather throughout the country.
>> With our 45th approaching in 2008 (!), I would like all your current 
>> news/photos sent to me within the next few weeks so that we can be 
>> represented in the next K-O News. Please send before Sept. 4th so 
>> that I can get all written and sent off before the deadline.
>> It is time to start planning for next May - any ideas for us to 
>> continue to be the amazing Oxford Class of 1963?
>> Look forward to hearing from all of you - please try to keep news as 
>> brief as possible so that K-O does not again inaccurately edit my 
>> submission.
>> Enjoy the rest of this summer -
>> Susan
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