[Oxford63] Almost 45 years - Oh my!

Anne Aschenbach aaschenbach at comcast.net
Sat Aug 11 17:17:09 MDT 2007

Hi Susan,

Thanks for this...good grief 4 years have certainly flown by...!  I'll send in some news and pics soon.

Did you get what looks like spam after you sent your message out?  I received an email from a David.Gordon at mail.cybermesa.com saying 

Thank you for contacting 
Your interest in our business is important to us.
We will respond as soon as possible.
Or call us at 858-509-9524.

Very weird.  Maybe Jane can figure it out?

Hope all's well with you and everybody else,
XO Anne

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  Hi everyone -

  Hope that each and every one of you are having a wonderful summer, despite the strange weather throughout the country.

  With our 45th approaching in 2008 (!), I would like all your current news/photos sent to me within the next few weeks so that we can be represented in the next K-O News. Please send before Sept. 4th so that I can get all written and sent off before the deadline.

  It is time to start planning for next May - any ideas for us to continue to be the amazing Oxford Class of 1963?

  Look forward to hearing from all of you - please try to keep news as brief as possible so that K-O does not again inaccurately edit my submission.

  Enjoy the rest of this summer -


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