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Deb and Doug Edson dedson at crocker.com
Tue Mar 7 06:01:51 MST 2006

Hi Jane and all-
Sal's email is: johnandsallyhuss at verizon.net
All is well here - though right now I think maybe I would rather be where 
you are, Jane, than here in the chillies. But, today is gorgeous sunshine 
and clear New England skies, and thoughts of spring and her magic have begun 
to perculate...aaaah...
Love you all - Debbie

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> Dear Bonnie,
> Sorry to take a while to make the changes, but Leslie Durkee McKnight is 
> now back on the list - thanks to you!
> The email addresses still missing are:
> Cherie LeBel
> Gwen Moses
> Jimmy Malan
> Louise Hatch
> Nancy Shepard
> Penni Kearns*
> Sally Newell*
> We had an address for the asterisks, but they must have changed. If anyone 
> has any info...
> *** Jane ***
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> Hickok, Mary B. wrote:
>> Hello again!!!  I gave up and sent Leslie a note....she finally sent back 
>> an email.  Her new email address is vze2dwhn at verizon.net 
>> <mailto:vze2dwhn at verizon.net>     Thanks!!
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>>     Dear Bonnie,
>>     The NO adventure sounds fun. I have a good friend there that escaped
>>     to Baton Rouge for a month or so. Miraculously, their house was
>>     unscathed.
>>     It seems Leslie has changed her email address (provider) without
>>     telling anyone. On the list at -
>> http://www.cyber-community.com/oxford63.nsf/Class%20List?OpenPage
>>     we have ldmcknig at us.ibm.com. Oddly, the address was not on the
>>     actual list that is mailed. I just added it. Maybe it is the current
>>     one, but I don't know for sure. If you do get in touch with Leslie,
>>     plus try to get her current address. We are also missing Penni
>>     Kearns and Sally Newell. They probably got high-speed and did not
>>     think to let us know.
>>     Sounds like you are doing well. Kids do tend to keep us busy - and
>>     young! I just took my 6-year old granddaughter to a chamber music
>>     concert. She slept through part of it but is dying to go again!
>>     Hope the New Year is a good one for you and family.
>> *** Jane ***
>> Cyber Mesa Telecom
>> Santa Fe Headquarters
>> 1-505-988-9200
>>     Hickok, Mary B. wrote:
>>>     Happy New Year, Jane!!  Hope your holidays were great and that you
>>>     and your family are well.  We had quite an adventure….went to New
>>>     Orleans, as daughter Wendy and her family (our beloved
>>>     grandsons!!) were finally moving back to their home in NO from
>>>     Lafayette, where they had been living and working since Katrina
>>>     hit.  Ugh.  NO is a study in contrasts---lots of mess, and some
>>>     areas which look fine.  Hotels and restaurants only half-staffed. 
>>> Everyone looks exhausted.  Mom and Beth went as well…we were
>>>     really thrilled to be together.
>>>     Would you have Leslie's email?  I have    leslie226m at aol.com   a
>>>     recent email got returned…..she not only sent a Christmas card,
>>>     but also sent a picture of Bob and me, pregnant with Wendy….she
>>>     had found while cleaning out a closet.  It sure brought back
>>>     memories!!  Hoping you can fill me in on her current email
>>>     address.  Thanks so much.
>>>     Bonnie
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