[Oxford63] Re: Leslie McKnight

Jane M. Hill jhill at cybermesa.com
Mon Mar 6 21:05:03 MST 2006

Dear Bonnie,

Sorry to take a while to make the changes, but Leslie Durkee McKnight is 
now back on the list - thanks to you!

The email addresses still missing are:

		Cherie LeBel
		Gwen Moses
		Jimmy Malan
		Louise Hatch
		Nancy Shepard
		Penni Kearns*
		Sally Newell*

We had an address for the asterisks, but they must have changed. If 
anyone has any info...

*** Jane ***

Cyber Mesa Telecom
Santa Fe Headquarters

Hickok, Mary B. wrote:
> Hello again!!!  I gave up and sent Leslie a note....she finally sent 
> back an email.  Her new email address is 
> vze2dwhn at verizon.net <mailto:vze2dwhn at verizon.net>     Thanks!!
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>     *From:* Jane M. Hill [mailto:jhill at cybermesa.com]
>     *Sent:* Monday, January 16, 2006 1:58 PM
>     *To:* Hickok, Mary B.
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>     Dear Bonnie,
>     The NO adventure sounds fun. I have a good friend there that escaped
>     to Baton Rouge for a month or so. Miraculously, their house was
>     unscathed.
>     It seems Leslie has changed her email address (provider) without
>     telling anyone. On the list at -
>            http://www.cyber-community.com/oxford63.nsf/Class%20List?OpenPage
>     we have ldmcknig at us.ibm.com. Oddly, the address was not on the
>     actual list that is mailed. I just added it. Maybe it is the current
>     one, but I don't know for sure. If you do get in touch with Leslie,
>     plus try to get her current address. We are also missing Penni
>     Kearns and Sally Newell. They probably got high-speed and did not
>     think to let us know.
>     Sounds like you are doing well. Kids do tend to keep us busy - and
>     young! I just took my 6-year old granddaughter to a chamber music
>     concert. She slept through part of it but is dying to go again!
>     Hope the New Year is a good one for you and family.
> *** Jane ***
> Cyber Mesa Telecom
> Santa Fe Headquarters
> 1-505-988-9200
>     Hickok, Mary B. wrote:
>>     Happy New Year, Jane!!  Hope your holidays were great and that you
>>     and your family are well.  We had quite an adventure….went to New
>>     Orleans, as daughter Wendy and her family (our beloved
>>     grandsons!!) were finally moving back to their home in NO from
>>     Lafayette, where they had been living and working since Katrina
>>     hit.  Ugh.  NO is a study in contrasts---lots of mess, and some
>>     areas which look fine.  Hotels and restaurants only half-staffed. 
>>     Everyone looks exhausted.  Mom and Beth went as well…we were
>>     really thrilled to be together.
>>     Would you have Leslie's email?  I have    leslie226m at aol.com   a
>>     recent email got returned…..she not only sent a Christmas card,
>>     but also sent a picture of Bob and me, pregnant with Wendy….she
>>     had found while cleaning out a closet.  It sure brought back
>>     memories!!  Hoping you can fill me in on her current email
>>     address.  Thanks so much.
>>     Bonnie
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