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Jane - This is great to hear.  Could you change my address to claudiagwardyak at comcast.net?  That way I will get the messages sooner.  Thanks so much.  How are you doing?  Claudia 
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Dear Classmates, 
Betsy (Cadbury) and Art Borror just came through Santa Fe as part of a whirlwind cross country adventure. The are delivering a car to Betsy's niece, and they must reach the San Francisco area by Friday due to events scheduled for the weekend by Betsy's sister. I did manage to snag them for two nights, which equated to three meals plus some early morning and late evening jabber time. 
Betsy and Art were married about six years ago, though they have know each other almost all of their lives. About two years ago they purchased a home in Pittsfield, NH, complete with post barn and stable. Landscaping, gardening and other home improvements are commanding their time, and they are loving it. Betsy does commute weekly to Montreal (four and a half hours away) to sing professionally. Art is a retired professor of ornithology from the University of New Hampshire. He has always been passionate about recording bird songs - that is, until the recent acquisition of a digital camera. 
We wined and dined each other at three notable (though not necessarily expensive) Santa Fe restaurants. Given just one full day, Art and Betsy had to pick and chose among the local attractions. They opted to visit the Audubon Bird Sanctuary (both are active with the Audubon Society on Hog Island off of Maine), the higher reaches of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (10 miles or so UP from my house), the Plaza (where the local Indians sell their wares, mainly jewelry) and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. 
This morning they shot off early in the direction of the Grand Canyon. As it happens, Art's photography is quite good, and he and Betsy left me with some pictures of their "new" home. We also got a picture of the three of us. I will try to get them up on the Web in the next few days and send everyone the link. 
We did have fun! 
*** Jane *** 
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