[Oxford63] Tina's loss and obituary

Joan H Prior prijoan at msn.com
Thu Jun 26 08:52:02 MDT 2003

Dear Tina and Class of '63,

Such a loss for you, Tina, and the loss of a parent for anyone in our '63 community is a sad occurrence for us all.
Without Albert H. Shulman (with a little help from Bella) we wouldn't have Tina Shulman Robertson.  So, today we all grieve
for Tina's loss.  While I did not know Mr. Shulman the obituary clearly show's Tina's Dad was a true mensch.

Please note The Hartford Courant's website shows all the obituaries in full.  
Go to: website: http:www.ctnow.com/

Scroll down until you come to the "Services"  section in the left-hand column.  Under the "Services" section you will see obituaries.  After you click on it you will see a calendar; it's self-explanatory. Tina's father's obituary was published on 6/25/03. It is a beautiful write-up.   

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