[Oxford63] K-O Bulletin: Deadline 8/15/03

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Tue Aug 12 20:21:12 MDT 2003

Hello all -

We have been quiet of late . . . summer is a time of too much to do in too 
little time!
Plus the weather in the NE has not been condicive to do much of anything.

Would like to submit something for our class by 8/15 for the Fall Bulletin - 
should have written this earlier, but have been incredibly busy and my 
computer decided it did not want to communicate! If not one thing, 'tis another!

Do send new news since our incredible reunion. Have saved all the pics from 
Lelly and Anne, so I hope that something is printed.

Take a moment, collect your thoughts and send the news!

Thanks to you all, one totally incroyable class, the Class of '63 -

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