From Truchas TU: Please vote one more time: Proposed By-laws Amendments

David Gratson gratz11 at
Thu Nov 6 08:46:41 MST 2008

This past summer we sent out a request for all Truchas TU Chapter members to
review our proposed by-laws amendments and to please vote.

We are still lacking sufficient votes to make a decision.

This is a second request to go to our website:

and to follow the links - *Proposed By-Laws and Amendments*.  Here you can
read our current by-laws, the proposed new by-laws, and a memo explaining
the major changes.

There are *three ways to vote*:  (1) by mailing in the form from the
newsletter to the chapter p.o. box, (2) by sending me an e-mail (
reilly.kevin.v at stating the full name of the voter and whether
they support or oppose the amendment, or (3) by voting live at the Christmas
party-annual meeting.

The more votes we receive prior to the Christmas party the better chance
that we can arrive at a decision.

Thank you!!
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