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David Gratson gratz11 at
Thu May 22 15:09:23 MDT 2008

 Dear TU Members,

I've recently updated the website a bit and also I've learned how to blog!
(I don't know if that is good or bad)

A blog seems like the easiest and best way to get information out to
members.  With a very thin volunteer staff of myself and Kevin Reilly, I'm
finding it difficult to get out as many newsletters as I would like.
 Besides, newsletters costs a ton of money to print and mail, and frankly we
don't have much money.

I will update the blog as often as daily with news articles and other items
of interest, so please check it out.  Hopefully Kevin will also add items as
will our Public Lands Director, Greg McReynolds.  There is also room for
members to comment on stories.

NMTU Blog:

NMTU Website:

William Schudlich
Santa Fe, NM
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