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Tue Dec 2 15:28:32 MST 2008

This is a reminder that we need all our members to go to our website and
sign up for our newsletter if they have not already done so.  We are moving
to a completely electronic newsletter this month and also migrating to a new
email database.  Therefore, even though you are receiving these emails we
ask that you sign up.  However, there is one way to determine If are
currently signed up.

If, *TODAY*, you received an email with the subject "*December 6th Party*"
then you are on this new newsletter database.  If not, please let us
continue to send you the newsletter in it's new format by logging onto our
Chapter website at
<> and subscribing.

Your email address and other information will never be sold or shared with
other groups, nor will we flood your box with junk. You may expect to
receive no more than one newsletter per month, with occasional reminders
about upcoming events.

If you prefer not to receive emails, our newsletters will always be
available through the Chapter website--but we'd love to have you subscribe.

If you have difficulties or questions, please email me directly at
ksdenison at and I'll try to help.
Thank you!
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