From Truchas TU: October 14th Pecos Cleanup

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Tue Oct 3 08:48:04 MDT 2006

There is a Pecos River Cleanup on October 14th.  The event will begin at 9:00
am at Canelas (29 Glorietta Hwy, Pecos, NM 87552, 505-757-3016).  Canelas will
be hosting the coffee and cinnamon rolls at no cost to Association or public.
 This event is being conducted by the Upper Pecos Watershed Association.  This
will be an opportunity to clean up the river and will also be a major source
of “in kind match” for the Association, since all volunteer hours can be
valued at $18.00 per hour, and volunteer mileage at $0.32 per mile. 

Volunteers will be dispersed to various locations along the Pecos to pick up
trash.  Areas especially in need of regular cleaning are: East and West Pecos
Bridges, Dalton area starting at Pink Rock up to Rainy Day Arnold, Bert
Clancey and other locations.  

The picnic will be held at the Jamie Koch (Tererro) Pavilion.  Musical
entertainment will be included.

Please contact Doug Jeffords for more information (DCJeffords at,

Thank you.

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