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We still have some spots available for our 2-Fly Competition on March 25, 2006:

In collaboration The Reel Life Fly Shop of Santa Fe, New Mexico, The Truchas
Chapter of Trout Unlimited proudly announces its First Annual Two-Fly
Competition on Saturday March 25th  for all active Members of TU.  Members who
qualify will be offered the chance to fish over two miles of untouched,
private waters on the Pecos River that flow through the Perea Ranch, eight
miles south of the town of Rowe.  It’s a one day competition that will put all
your fly fishing abilities to the test.  What's at stake is nothing less than
good clean fun and full-fledged bragging rights on the Pecos.

10 teams of two fishermen each will be selected on a first come, first served
basis.  They will pair up and be allowed to pre-select only two flies to use
throughout the  entire competition.  Only one member of each team may fish at
any given time.  Plans call for a morning session and an afternoon session
with 5 teams each fishing 5 principal beats along the river.  Starting times
and positions will be chosen by lot so it is the luck of the draw.  Prizes
and the MOST NUMBER OF INCHES OF FISH CAUGHT during the competition.

Competition times will be 10:00am – 12:30pm and 2:00pm – 4:30pm.  An open
barbeque will serve lunch and cold drinks from 12:00 noon  - 2:00pm.  Awards
will be presented at the end of the day’s competition.  For more details,
please go to our website and click on the Member News link
or call or email Bob O’Connor at Roboconnor at (505) 603-0797 for more

Round up your fishing partner and join the fun!

March 25, 2006




1.                  All participants must be active Members of Trout Unlimited
at the time of the competition

2.                  10 teams will be allowed compete, comprised of two
fishermen per team

3.                  The entrance fee will be $75.00 per team member payable to
Truchas Chapter

4.                  Each team will declare in advance, and no later than the
start of the competition, the name, size and color of the two flies selected
by each team

5.                  Information about the two flies selected shall be known
only to the competition judges and shall remain strictly confidential until
the conclusion of the competition

6.                  Flies must be fished in a single-fly configuration only. 
No tandem rigs or other configurations allowed

7.                  Should a fly be lost during competition, team members will
be allowed to replace a lost fly as many times as may be required.

8.                  However, lost flies may be replaced only with the exact
same size, color and pattern already declared by the team prior to the

9.                  All flies must be on barb-less hooks only. 

10.              In the event a fish swallows a hook or the hook sets in a
manner or in a location that could cause damage to the fish, contestants must
immediately cut the leader, measure and release the fish, then retie.

11.              Once a team declares their two fly selections, all decisions
are final

12.              No substitutions will be allowed once the competition begins

13.              Teams will draw their starting times and “beats” on the river
by lot

14.              Each team will fish each beat for a period of thirty (30) minutes

15.              Only one member of the team is allowed to fish at any given time

16.              At the end of the first thirty (30) minute period, fishing
will stop

17.              Each team will advance to the next marked beat adjacent to
and upstream from their original starting beat and fishing will resume for
another period of thirty (30) minutes until all the beats have been covered.

18.              The team which must relocate to the lowest beat on the river
as part of the competition rotation will be allowed to send one team member
downstream in advance to pre-position that team member for the next thirty
(30) minute fishing period so valuable fishing time will not be lost.

19.              Prizes will be awarded for The Largest Fish Landed, the Most
Number of Fish Landed, and the Most Number of Inches of Fish Landed.

20.              Good sportsmanship and common sense fishing etiquette shall
be observed at all times to maintain the integrity of the competition

21.              Any team or individual member of a team who does not observe
good sportsmanship or good fishing etiquette during the event may be
disqualified at any time at the sole discretion of the judges.  Such conduct
must be deemed to be contrary to spirit of good fun and fair competition and
must be judged to be injurious to the best interests of the competition. 

22.              Should any team or team member be disqualified by the judges
from competition for any reason, they must immediately breakdown their
equipment and retire from the river.

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